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LasX and BDT announce the new SRTP (Sheet/Roll-to-Part) system incorporating the TPF line of

feeders, which will be exhibited at Pack Expo in Chicago this fall. The SRTP Platform combined

with the versatile TPF feeders is an industry first, transforming multiple “ork in Process”steps

into a single process.

LasX will be exhibiting at LabelExpo in Rosemont, IL, September 25-27, 2018, at FachPack 2018

in Nuremberg, Germany September 25-27, 2018 and demonstrating its SRTP platform and TPF-

550-Feeder at Pack Expo 2018 in Chicago, IL, from October 14–17, 2018.

The SRTP (Sheet/Roll-to-Part) system is a digital finishing system which is driven by LasX’

LaserSharp™control software fully automated with the laser and robotics. The revolutionary

process helps manufacturers reduce waste, minimize labor and handling.


The Infeed:

sheet fed portion of the machine integrates the BDT TPF-550-Feeder for

optimum sheet control into the system. The sheet path is engineered to accommodate

up to a 20” web from an unwind and web steering, with optional lamination Station.

No Touch Operation:

The work instruction originates from a PDF file generated with

the artwork from pre-press. The process is driven automatically by the printed 5mm x

5mm 2D barcode in the waste area near the edge of the material. The camera system

reads the barcode and instructs the laser and the robot with the job processes they are

to perform. LasX has engineered this instruction to change the system in milli-seconds

while the material is running. The operator loads no jobs, only the material. The

registration system uses the same 2D barcode to register the laser cut exactly to the

printed material. This allows the first article to be good and eliminates all setup waste.

Production never stops.


Robotic Integration:

LasX has engineered the Codian Robotics TD dual robotic solution

and leverages B&R’s “Open Robotics” to completely integrate the system in a single

work flow. Instruction of pick and place points are contained in the PDF file. LasX has

programmed several tools to automate a multi-head end-effector to smartly determine

which suction cups are needed to pick products. Instruction in the PDF determines

where the product is to be place, if it is to be stacked, and how many in a stack.


“The SRTP offers our customers and future customer the opportunity to be flexible to convert

the material type, makeup, and perform the laser process with minimal operator intervention

in delivering timely, quality products.” Says Jon Hoeft, Technical Sales of LasX Industries, Inc.

“Our customer requests´for running a large verity of materials drove us to search for a feeder

that can handle the variety of materials. BDT has proven to be the feeder to handle this



The TPF-550-Feeder is based on the revolutionary patented BDT Tornado Technology

andprovides enhanced feeding reliability over the widest range of print media in the commercial

print and finishing industry. The fully electronic control of the Tornado Technology allows for

media feed parameters to be stored in the feeder memory and used to automatically configure

the unit. Job changeover time is significantly reduced due to automation during the setup

process. With these new feed capabilities, SRTP users will see enhanced productivity and

improved profitability. 


“The are very pleased to be working with market leader LasX to showcase the TPF-550-Feeder

for advanced print finishing applications” said John Kuta, President of BDT Print Media North

America. “he media versatility and feed reliability align perfectly with the LasX SRTP digital

finishing platform focus on finished product throughput”

To see a live demonstration of the SRTP Platform with the TPF-550-Feeder, please visit LasX at:




About LasX Industries, Inc.

LasX Industries, Inc. was founded in 1998 with a vision to deliver laser digital converting

solutions to the manufacturing industry. LaserSharp technology offers converters a standard

laser processing solution that is fundamentally changing the industry. Our primary product is

the LaserSharp Processing Module (or LPM), which is usually sold as a sub-system for integrated

material handling systems in roll, sheet, or part format.

LasX Industries' mission is to provide high-performance industrial laser systems and contract

services that deliver unique laser materials processes to target manufacturing segments. Our

customers recognize LasX as the leader in supplying these innovative systems and services

adding substantial value to their manufacturing operations.


Press Contacts:

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Olivia Duke, BDT Print Media North America /// Tel: 905-845-2041 ///>

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