• Delivery of the first modules to leading industry players
  • Increasing demand for new handling solution


Rottweil/Germany, 04/03/2013. In October last year, BDT Media Automation GmbH presented the new module solution “TIM”, the Tornado Integration Module. Just five months later, the development work has been completed and the first customers have received TIM systems. According to the manufacturer, the demand for the “Tornado technology-based” solution is growing. Among the first customers are four renowned industry leaders ranging from manufacturers of printing machines, post-press equipment up to end users in the printing industry. Among others, the solution is used for moving paper and for the transport and alignment of various substrates such as paper or cardboard.

“Unfortunately, we cannot share the names of our customers in the manufacturing and printing industry at this time. We have also to consider the competitive factors of our customers and confidentiality agreements. But so much we can say: TIM allows the printing machine manufacturers and users new possibilities to handle and process their substrates. And our customers would not use it, if it was not efficient and cost effective,” explains Jürgen Weber, product and marketing manager at BDT. He stressed: “Today the Tornado Integration Module is used mainly for evaluation and development purposes leading to new products and solutions, and our customers are currently putting the components through their paces. Thanks to the positive feedback from the market, we are making rapid progress and we can tailor our solutions to the customer’s needs.”

According to the company, the business unit Print Media Handling will strike a new path. Previously, the company was a partner and system supplier in the background of its customers, including HP Indigo. In addition to the OEM development projects for new feeder solutions, the business unit is developing its own products and solutions, which it will bring to the market in early 2014 – including its own multi-format paper feeder, a sheet-fed paper stacker and a transport unit. “Thanks to the invention of the Tornado technology, we can supply the market, which is dynamically and rapidly changing, with new and revolutionary solutions. Tornado enables the automation of processes. Our vision is to make the workflow within printing processes more efficient. And, ‘automation’ is the keyword here. Because that can really reduce costs: less downtime, less staff, less material loss. Ultimately more jobs can be processed, with fewer errors,” said Ralf Hipp, head of the business unit Print Media Handling at BDT.


The Tornado Technology
With TIM, the Tornado Integration Module, the manufacturer offers a way to handle a variety of media in print finishing systems. Following the principle of a “building block” kit, various applications can be developed using the different Tornado Integration Modules. Currently these modules enable diverse products such as feeders, stackers, sorters, alignment or transport applications in various markets such as printing, packaging or electronics. The Tornado technology uses – as the name suggests – a whirlwind effect in order to transport materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic or foil in a gentle and energy efficient way. Amongst other things, these components are used in presses from HP Indigo. The claim of the manufacturer is that a wide range of machine manufacturers can use the Tornado technology with TIM.

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