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BDT is a trend-setting system solutions provider for media handling applications and automation technology. Whether it is media feeding, media output, transport, alignment or further processing such as punching or stapling. We are always using the latest technologies, many of which were developed and patented by BDT.


BDT Print Media GmbH is an innovative system supplier for media handling and print applications for industrial digital printing.


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BDT has extensive experience as a pioneering development partner and manufacturer of OEM single sheet feeders and finishing equipment for laser-, inkjet and digital printers. With our products and solutions we improve the overall functionality of digital printers in a growing market. Our customers are market leaders in office printing and digital printing. 


High Speed paper handling for processing solutions for digitally printed books


BDT produces the processing solution for WillPemcoBielomatik’s DCbook, a processing solution for digitally printed books. 

Solution using BDT Tornado Technology

Using the tornado modules, WillPemcoBielomatik and BDT developed an innovative process for the handling of single sheets in the field of processing solutions for digital book production. The tornado modules are set up in a revolutionary hanging transport configuration, which allows a vast variety of media weights and formats to be transport and stacked. Manual adjustments are not necessary. 

Product description

WillPemcoBielomatik’s DCbook is a processing solution for the industrial production of digitally printed books. Using the BDT Tornado Technology the single papers are grasped, overlapped on the fly, transported in a hanging shingled stream and stacked in a way which creates books stacks. As a last step, those paper stacks can be bound to a book.


Extremely flexible handling of paper formats and types.

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