Efficient and automated separating of paper

The Wave Generator Technology has been developed and patented by BDT in the 80‘s and 90’s. It is an innovative feeding technology based upon a shingled media stream.



The principle of the Wave Generator Technology is based upon a shingle stream formation, which is built through a free-running roll on a stack of paper. The shingle stream formation happens due the formation of a bow wave proportional to the thickness of the paper, its quality and the diameter of the roll. Because the required force is proportional to the weight of the paper, this technology offers the possibility of full automation at different applications.


The Wave Generator Technology enabled first automatic solutions for paper feeding at the time of market introduction. Additional innovative features of this technology are the avoidance of errors (multipicks, no-picks) by the separation of paper as well as the strongly reduced effects of wear of the affected components.

Milestones in usage

The development and manufacturing of the following products are representative milestones of this technology:



First automatic paper feeding unit for HP Indigo 5000 and 3500 press. For these products HP Indigo expected the handling of offset and specialty papers without any manual adjustments of the feeding components and functions.



500 sheet cassette for printed high gloss paper for Pitney Bowes.

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